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How’s it going so far? Hangin’ in there?

How was cutting out fast food? Who had to do some major troubleshooting to figure out how to prevent themselves from stopping at McBurgerby’s for dinner? Who’s still struggling and would like to share? Who was successful? How’s your wallet looking? More money there than you’re used to? Great – now you know how to make clean eating less pocket-painful.

Cast Iron Parsnips

Cast Iron Parsnips

Who’s been slippin’ on their water intake? Did ya think I forgot?

This week, we’ll be working with those vegetables you were asked to snatch up. Butternut squash, parsnips, radishes, brussels sprouts, and beets. You were only supposed to pick one… so make sure you have it on hand!

This week, the rules are simple:

1) No fast food… and start limiting your intake of “calories from outside food.” That means restaurants (except for special occasions. And, by “special occasion,” I mean “wedding, anniversary or major life milestone celebration.” That means Starbucks. That means your suite-or-office-mate’s candy dish. Time to start cracking down.

Since these are the places and spaces most like to not be completely clean, and the spaces where you’re most likely to spend excessive and unnecessary amounts of money which affect your ability to afford the things you truly need, we have to keep our priorities in line properly.

2) You have the next 7 days to pick one of the following items, and hold onto it:

As far as storing this week’s items, keep them stashed away in a sealed container. There’s nothing more fear-inducing than finding little friends in your food before you even get to cook it!