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So…let’s recap.

You’re shooting for a glass of water every hour, on the hour.

You’re logging your food intake, and writing down everything you’re eating.

You’re also now cutting the sodapop, and buying a new [dried] herb or spice every week. (Fresh is ideal, but we’re not ready for that yet.)


Your next step… no fast food for lunch. Yes, that means – for now – that breakfast and dinner are fair play, but for lunch, you’re not allowed to dine out. No restaurants, no fast food joints… nothing. Nothing that comes wrapped like a little birthday gift for your enjoyment.

That means… time to learn how to plan properly! If you aren’t ready today, that’s fine. But on your way home tonight, think about what you can prepare for lunch the next day, or if there are leftovers that you can repurpose. Basically, it’s time to brown bag it, baby.

For those of you who might be ahead of the curve, what are your favorite pack-to-go lunches?