Join the BGG2WL Clean Eating Boot Camp!

How are those books going? Moving through them slowly? Don’t worry. I’ll be helping this week.

Also, let’s look at ways to clean up your favorite condiments – scratch-making, swaps and even complete overhauls. Sounds fun, no?

homemade-chicken-nuggets 061

Would you like some homemade chicken nuggets to dip in your new Jamaican jerk ketchup?

Time to tighten up.

Get caught up:

Since you should already be planning your meals and keeping a diary of what you eat, this week’s going to be easy. All I want you to do… is keep a running tally of every “sweet” thing that you put into your mouth. I didn’t say “eat no sugar” – although, I would love to –  just be sure to take note of it when you do eat it. Cookies – clean or otherwise; sugar in your coffee – or, goodness help you, splenda; if you eat a processed food and any form of sugar appears in the label? Put an asterisk next to it on your food diary.

Oh, and remember when we visited to find our nearest farmer’s markets? Take note of when yours begins and, if yours has already begun or is available year-round, go pay a visit. As soon as I start seeing spring fruits and veggies available, we’ll go back to veggie intros, but feel free to start incorporating what you find at your local markets into your meal plans.

Oh, and remember – cut the restaurant visits short, and no fast food. I’m serious. Don’t make me come through this screen.

That’s it. Keep it simple.

Who’s struggling? Who’s surviving? Let me hear it! And don’t forget to share what you’re eating on the #CEBootCamp hashtag! (And keep your eyes peeled for #ScaleFreeSummer!)