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Take a breather. Let’s keep it easy this week.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve chosen one of the books we talked about last week. If not, pick one.

basil 001

I’m pretty much just sitting tight on veggie purchases until spring veggies start showing up at the farmer’s market. If I have to eat another parsnip fry, I’ma spaz out. For the love of all things leafy green, give me a freaking tomato!

Let’s get into those books (and those condiments) I mentioned, though. Y’all have been waiting long enough, and we’ve got to get ready for spring!

To recap all of the boot camp posts:

Who’s struggling? Who’s winning? Who’s fighting? Who needs tips? Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Need recipes? Have questions? Contribute to the #CEBootCamp hashtag on either twitter or instagram. I’m contributing to both!