I’ve made a few decisions when it comes to the boot camp.

homemade sun-dried tomato hummus with cucumbers

homemade sun-dried tomato hummus with cucumbers

1) I’m going to create an e-mail subscription service that will allow people to begin the boot camp when they want, on their own schedule, and work on learning not only how to cut processed foods, but also in learning how to work with fresh ones. This way, people can make progress without the stress and hassle of seeing all the newest boot camp steps, and feeling like they’re too far behind.

People can subscribe to the list at their leisure, without worrying that they’re missing something.

If you’re looking to get a fresh start, or just give it a second go and start from there, or if you’d like to get a refresher course in clean eating.. orrrrr if you’d like to take advantage of all the awesome additional tips and tidbits I’ll be dropping in the weekly e-mails?

E-mails will come weekly, and each week you’ll receive not only Boot Camp steps and their respective recipes, but also my favorite clean eating and fitness-focused books and resources, tips for saving money while eating clean, and more… all in one weekly e-mail!

Get yours. Now! (E-mail/RSS subscribers, you might have to come visit the blog to sign-up!)

2) I really need to get caught up on recipes. I owe y’all cheeses…

Macaroni and cheese!

Macaroni and cheese!


Mmmm…homemade sour dill pickles.


a couple of tomatoes…

Pizza time, baby – tomato, goat cheese, arugula. Flax-seed pizza dough.

maybe even a condiment or two…Don’t forget to subscribe so that you’ll be there when it all drops!