What You Need to Know About Beyonce’s Vegan Meal Service

What You Need to Know About Beyonce’s Vegan Meal Service

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A year or so ago, Beyonce and Jay-Z went on a very widely-discussed vegan diet for 22 days. Lots of people asked what they were supposed to “get” from only doing 22 days of veganism. And, apparently, they “got” the idea to turn this into a meal delivery service that makes it easy to convert to veganism at your leisure if you so chose!

An editor at The Kitchn tried the meal delivery service, aptly titled 22 Days Nutrition, and shared the details. Some of the most important points below:

The Food

Apparently decently-flavored…

The food overall tasted fine, but definitely not great. The muffins were the worst meal, while the creamy eggplant bowl was the best. I’m a salt fiend, so I struggled not to add lots of salt to the lunch and dinner items to make them taste better. Hot sauce would have also helped.

…apparently all cooked – nothing raw…

My biggest takeaway in terms of taste was how much I missed having fresh vegetables – all the meals that I received were cooked, nothing was raw. I also really love cheese, so that’s also a big problem. I honestly don’t think I could give both of those things up for more than a couple days. [source]

…apparently extremely filling.

That being said, I was truly shocked by how full I was during those 48 hours and how great I felt towards the end of doing the mini meal plan. I had a lot more energy, and noticed a difference in the way my pants fit. Above all else, I realized just how little fiber I have in my current diet, and how a little change can go a long way. You get something like 150% of your daily fiber when you’re on the Beyoncé plan and you feel it. [source]

The Quality

The meals are vegan, organic, and gluten-free. If you click through to Kitchn’s article, you’ll see the editor give a meal-by-meal run down of everything she received, how it tasted, and how it made her feel, complete with photos.

The descriptions are most valuable, in my mind, because she explains each recipe and what’s in it, and then details how much energy they gave her. Plant-based eating leaves you full of energy in a way that caffeine doesn’t, and leaves you feeling happy in a lasting way, unlike sugar that gives you a high – a brief one, at that – and makes you feel like you’ve gotta go get more sugar ASAP. Reading her writing just further proves what you’ve been reading about healthier eating.

The Cost

Oh, this was the best part.

There are three meal plan options:

Any of these can be ordered in frequencies of 5, 10, or 22 days.

The full 3-meal-a-day plan for 22 days will cost you $609.84 plus $19.95 for shipping. That’s about $9.50 per meal. 22 Days Nutrition delivers everywhere in the United States. [source]

I’ve got to tell you, this was a little bit mind-blowing for me. I mean, it makes sense, but… since the pregnancy has turned me off from eating any meat – I don’t know, something about the scent of raw meat has left me sick to my stomach – I’ve been sneakily feeding the family vegan meals for the entire past two months… and feeding three people all vegan and organic hasn’t brought me a bill anywhere near $600. For three people.

That being said, there’s absolutely a market out there for this kind of service. Singles with demanding jobs who could stand to eat a bit better and have the financial leeway to pay the extra few hundred dollars for regular delivery? I could absolutely see that working. However, combined with the loss of the “fresh produce” experience – I personally like the crunch of fresh lettuce – if you decided to get the two-a-day plan combined with a salad mid-day, you might be in there like swimwear.

Be sure to check out Kitchn’s write up on the meals, though. Super-important.

What do you think? Would you sign up?

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  1. Cara Belle April 15, 2015 at 8:40 PM - Reply

    The funny thing is, I live in the Caribbean and I was saying that price seems pretty steep! It really only goes to show you how much some people would pay just to have ready done meals, that are healthy too!

  2. Kendyll April 19, 2015 at 3:33 PM - Reply

    I definitely would not sign up for this. That price for pre-packaged food is outrageous. People might purchase, however, because they think they”ll look like Beyonce. If people are considering going vegan, I think they should try out various recipes themselves so they see if this is something they can live with before such a huge financial commitment.

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