So, Teyana and I have a squad-from-afar thing going on. We’re both in New York, both sneakerheads, and both love our workouts. And, even though we’ve never met, whenever I go shoe shopping, I go with her spirit guiding me.

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Now that she’s appeared with her husband Iman Shumpert in Kanye West’s latest video “Fade” in a sports bra (mind you, the same Adidas + Yeezy Season sports bra that Beyonce wore in her “Don’t Hurt Yourself” video) and thong, lots of people are talking about her body and how great she looks post-baby.


And don’t get me wrong, my squad-in-my-head girl looks incredible. But farrrrrrr more incredible is her workout regimen. She kills the game, leaves the treadmill smoking, and will leave you sore just from watching her hustle. And, because I’ve been a fan of hers for so long that I remember her old ustream account where she livestreamed her workout tips, you’ve got a little treat below!

That’s not even all of it.

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When you look at Teyana, know that she’s always been relatively thin, but she grinds until there’s nothing left when it comes to staying that way. She’s more than “post-baby body goals,” she’s HUSTLE goals through and through. I might be inspired by her sneaker collection, sure—I mean, can I get the plug, too?— but I’m inspired by the way she treats her workouts: like business.

Might even cut on her track “Maybe” for inspiration next time I head out for my own.