In her latest interview for Marie Claire…


…Nicki Minaj dropped the following jewel:

I don’t work out. I hate it. I don’t mean to sound super lazy. I tried it for a time. I lost my boobs. When I feel I need to lose weight, I just change what I eat. I cut out carbs and sugar. I’ll do water and protein and fruit. But I do think that you should work out. ‘My doctor tells me that and I get it. Do cardio.



I love Nicki. I admire her hustle. But.


Nah, never mind.

Nicki, credit: starpulse.

Extra photo of Nicki, credit: starpulse.

You can check out Nicki in Marie Claire’s August 2013 edition, on stands now.

I’m just going to stare at the quote and pout. It’s not often that I hear about concern over the breasts – it’s the booty that most people are tripping over.

Also: get into how she specifically mentioned cutting the sugar. I’m gonna have to keep a running tally of the number of celebrities that list sugar as a “problem…”

…because, I’m pretty sure that I’ve been saying that for years.