Jill Scott is my girl. When I think of Jill, I’m briefly reminded of the fact that “He Loves Me” is sung at every single talent show I’ve ever attended… but then I think of songs like “Crown Royal” and reach for my glass… of water, of course.

So imagine how wide I smiled when I saw the following in my e-mail this morning.

From YBF:

Jill Scott, whose The Light Of The Sun album just debuted at #1 on Billboard, has gone through a noticable physical change and she opened up about it to Us Weekly. The 39-year-old star said she has lost 63lbs the last 2 years and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

So what lifestyle changes did she make to look so refreshed and fabulous these days? For starters, she eats three low fat meals a day and does three 60 minute cardio and strength training sessions, three times a week, with trainer Scott Parker .

Her weight loss journey was spurred on by the birth of her son Jett in 2009. ‘There’s a world of discovery in his eyes, and I want to be around to enjoy it,’ she said.

And she knew she had to make a change in her life when, “I’d walk up nine steps and be out of breath!”

And although she’s down to 200lbs and plans to lose more weight, she said, “I’ll never be a stick figure.”

When asked how baby boy Jett fits into her routine, she said she loves to take him along for biking outdoors. “We have fun!”

Go pick up The Light Of The Sun and cheer for Jilly from Philly. Kudos to getting right for the babies. ๐Ÿ™‚