From USA Today:

Janet Jackson is still slimming down.

The singer is unveiling new Nutrisystem ads – the TV spot debuts on Monday and print ads at the end of April – to showcase her weight-loss success.

The 5-foot-4 yo-yo dieter doesn’t want to talk about the number on the scales — although in December the company said she had lost 10 pounds in a little more than a month.

“I’m not viewing this as a diet,” she told USA TODAY’s Nanci Hellmich at the time. “I’m not putting a number on it. I don’t look at the scale. I’m going about it in a different way this time.” She doesn’t need to lose “a great amount,” she said, adding that she would stop “when I feel good about it.”

I knew this was gonna happen.

If Janet – yes, she of chef, nutritionist, personal trainer and personal dude-who-delivers-her-milkshakes-and-vitamins – is really, truly and legitimately eating this stuff:

…then I will eat a Hershey bar. That’s how much I’m willing to bet on this. Like I said before:

Just…. that’s just something to think about when you see those commercials for Mariah/Janet/Jessica Simpson hawking their prospective products. Not that Janet’s body is unattainable – it is – but that it’s hard freaking work, so hard that she’s employed a staff to help her accomplish it. If you think she got it by eating Nutrisystem – because, let’s face it, the idea is that you’ll think back to “in-season” Janet, not just Janet-in-the-commercials– then you’ll be sorely mistaken.