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29 11, 2016

Chub Rub: The Best Ways to Stop Chafing and Exercise Comfortably

By | 2017-06-10T11:18:52+00:00 November 29th, 2016|Fashionably Fit, Fit Gear Reviews|0 Comments

It's bound to happen, sooner or later—chub rub, more 'officially' known as chafing, rears its ugly head and causes rash, irritation, or otherwise uncomfortable dry patches of skin in places it just doesn't belong.

14 11, 2016

Review: ButcherBox Brings Grass-Fed Organic Meat to Your Door

By | 2017-07-25T02:06:33+00:00 November 14th, 2016|Fit Gear Reviews, Healthy Eating|0 Comments

A review of the ButcherBox, a subscription service that delivers organic, grass-fed, hormone-free meat to your door on a regular schedule.

23 06, 2015

Training Undies: Should You Wear Any? Which Kind? Are Workout Undies Worth the Money?

By | 2017-06-10T11:19:57+00:00 June 23rd, 2015|Fashionably Fit, Fit Gear Reviews|11 Comments

Whether thongs or boyshorts or bikinis, cotton or lace or polyester-blend, I've got the tips to help you choose wisely for your body type and your workout wardrobe needs!

26 02, 2015

4 Tips to Help Any Mommy-To-Be Stay Active at Home #MakeYourMove

By | 2016-11-27T15:25:36+00:00 February 26th, 2015|#ScaleFreeBaby, Fit Gear Reviews|0 Comments

One of the most difficult challenges for me during this pregnancy, is staying active. Not because I don't want to, but because no matter how much I eat, my energy levels feel virtually depleted. (What's worse, if I try to overeat, I just feel nauseous and develop a strong case of, ahem, postprandial somnolence. Food [...]

21 01, 2015

Erika’s Guide to Layering for Cold Weather Running #MakeYourMove

By | 2017-06-10T11:21:02+00:00 January 21st, 2015|Fashionably Fit, Fit Gear Reviews, Running|1 Comment

How to layer in the cold, plus personal recommendations from my own closet! And a bonus selfie of my WHAT IS WITH THE WEATHER?! face!

28 11, 2014

1,000 Black Businesses, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Fitness Sales + Giveaway

By | 2017-06-10T11:22:04+00:00 November 28th, 2014|Fashionably Fit, Fit Gear Reviews|11 Comments

I must say, this week has been brutal. If you're anything like me, you felt overwhelmed - not only by the news but by the subsequent conversations all over social media. I only mention this because there have been many conversations about a boycotting of Black Friday. And, while I am always down for a [...]

18 11, 2014

Gotta Get It: The @BlenderBottle GoStak Makes Your Snackables Stackable!

By | 2017-06-10T11:22:09+00:00 November 18th, 2014|Fit Gear Reviews|3 Comments

Containers vary in size, with the smallest size being small enough to carry medication, the largest being able to carry apple slices, or any other dippable.

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