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19 08, 2014

A Year Ago Today

By | August 19th, 2014|Inspiration, My Journey, Running|62 Comments

A year ago today, I weighed 281lbs. I worked out in a gym for six months, and didn't have much to show for it. I mean, yes - some weight loss took place, lots of muscle development took place, but I still felt so defeated. I wanted to lose inches!! I wanted to be smaller! [...]

8 08, 2014

Exercise and Evolution: Is Your Exercise Routine Making You Smarter?

By | August 8th, 2014|Running, The "Study" Guide|3 Comments

When the article talks about the offspring of the lab animals being more physically fit runners, I think about us and how our efforts towards fitness affect our children.

8 08, 2014

Man Loses 400lbs, Re-Gains 250lbs, Prepares To Lose Again

By | August 8th, 2014|Running, Sweat Equity|18 Comments

A man loses 400lbs, tells story of how he re-gained 250lbs and what he's doing to lose it again... but is it enough?

4 08, 2014

What Do Marshmallows Have To Do With Your Will Power?

By | August 4th, 2014|Debunking The Myths, It's All Mental, Running|17 Comments

This proves what I believed a long time ago: self-control, the ability to overlook instant gratification and complete the task at hand… these things are not innate…

4 08, 2014

Saucony’s Kinvara Running Shoes: Do We Love It? #FindYourStrong

By | August 4th, 2014|Do We Love It?, Running|2 Comments

A bright, colorful and lightweight line of running shoes from Saucony, the Kinvara.

29 07, 2014

“Why Even Resolute Dieters Often Fail”

By | July 29th, 2014|Running, The "Study" Guide|8 Comments

A discussion of the NYTimes' coverage of the latest weight management study.

29 07, 2014

Why I Was Wandering New York City in my Bra at 3AM

By | July 29th, 2014|My Journey, Running|1 Comment

My experience with The Moonwalk NYC Half Marathon, and why I'm suuuper proud of myself.

28 07, 2014

Friday 5: Five Places To Get Workout Clothes On The Cheap

By | July 28th, 2014|Friday 5, Running, The Recessionista|73 Comments

Fitness and active wear... for the El Cheapo in you.

23 07, 2014

Mya Covers Women’s Running Magazine, Talks Veganism, and Marathon Running

By | July 23rd, 2014|Celeb Watch, Running|2 Comments

Mya talks marathons, veganism, and challenging herself in the August 2014 edition of Women's Running. Her runs are like whoa!

22 07, 2014

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Running Shoes

By | July 22nd, 2014|Exercise 101, Friday 5, Running|7 Comments

Want to learn how to take care of your running shoes? Inside, I share five tips for keeping your shoes shiny, healthy, and funk-free!

18 07, 2014

Fashionably Fit: Tips for Buying Workout Tights for Curvy Figures

By | July 18th, 2014|Fashionably Fit, Running|14 Comments

A buyers guide for curvy girlies!

17 07, 2014

Study: 5 Markers For Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

By | July 17th, 2014|Health News, Running|4 Comments

Five markers of a lifestyle that can protect one from type-2 diabetes.

17 07, 2014

“How I Lost The Weight, And Why You Shouldn’t Admire Me For It”

By | July 17th, 2014|Running, Social Construct|28 Comments

" can you look at someone who is obese and hold them personally responsible for each pound? Or personally virtuous for each pound lost?"

11 07, 2014

5 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Will Be Successful This Season

By | July 11th, 2014|Friday 5, Running|1 Comment

This season, it's going to be different. This season, your weight loss efforts will be successful. Here's why.

1 07, 2014

The Self-Confidence Game

By | July 1st, 2014|It's All Mental, Running|15 Comments

A short rant on the development of self-confidence as it applies to weight loss.

22 05, 2014

Ending Emotional Eating, and The Transformative Art of Self-Care: Part I

By | May 22nd, 2014|Emotional Eating, Running|8 Comments

In-depth discussion of self-care: what it is, what makes it so difficult, why it's so difficult to commit to for many, and how we can come out better in the end.

15 05, 2014

Study Challenges the Idea of “Healthy Obesity”

By | May 15th, 2014|Health News, Running, The "Study" Guide|3 Comments

“Some studies report that if you are obese but metabolically healthy, you are protected in a way. We don’t think that that is true. And I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise.”

6 05, 2014

Stop Defeating Your Weight Loss Efforts Before You Begin

By | May 6th, 2014|It's All Mental, My Journey, Running|39 Comments

On talking yourself out of wanting to losing weight, and why this mentality never helps.

8 04, 2014

Q&A Wednesday: How Can I Run Without Injuring Myself?

By | April 8th, 2014|Q&A Wednesday, Running|20 Comments

Q: Erika, how can I run without causing myself injury?

4 04, 2014

The Welcome to #ScaleFreeSpring Video Chat

By | April 4th, 2014|#ScaleFreeSummer, Running|0 Comments

Video from the #ScaleFreeSpring video chat, and ways you can join us today!