jump-ropeA big part of burning fat is cardiovascular exercise (also lovingly known as cardio.) The most toned muscles in the world will never be seen if there’s a thick layer of fat covering them, you know? I deal with this right now – trying to get rid of the last bits of fat that I have just… chillin’ on my thighs so that I can let my newly defined thigh and calf muscles shine through! Nothing worse than seeing the definition in some spots, only to have it hidden in others.

A part of my OWN home workout includes skipping rope, and it’s been working wonders for me. I have a nice cheap jump rope that I got back from the dollar general, LOL, so I don’t use the cool rope this gentleman has in his video. Some days, I don’t use the rope at all, and I “mock jump rope” throughout the morning. Give yourself a good five minutes with this exercise, and after a few weeks you’ll definitely start feeling some changes in your body!