10 Tips for Safely Exercising at Night

Tips for exercising safely at night from a pro at safety and an avid runner.

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Q&A Wednesday: How Do You Fit It All In?

Q: How do you fit fitness and healthy eating into your day with some of the challenges of living in a big city?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Goes Wrong at Clinic That Has Killed Before

"...died from fat clots that caused her organs to fail by blocking her arteries, Miami-Dade coroners concluded in an autopsy report."

The Case for Universal Health Care

If we truly value human life the way we say we do, then we should find it abhorrent that people are forced to choose between dying and the expense of living.

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Q&A Wednesday: I’m a Gym Newbie—What Do I Do First?

Q: My problem is that I am overwhelmed when I go to the gym. There is so much equipment and I don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

If Only 50% of Subway’s Chicken is Really Chicken…What’s the Other 50%?

The oven roasted chicken scored 53.6% chicken DNA, and the chicken strips were found to have just 42.8% chicken DNA.

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Don’t Stress Over the Post-Baby ‘Snap Back’

Take deep breaths, relax, and accept that the added pressure and shame for not having snapped back will not motivate you. It might actually do harm.

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The Science of Motivation: How to Develop It, Keep it, and Achieve With It

I know why you think you aren't motivated to workout, and how to change it to achieve your goals.

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Q&A Wednesday: I Lost Weight, But Now My Clothes Don’t Fit!

Q: I can't wear my after baby clothes because they are too big and I kept all of my pre-pregnancy clothes hoping to fit into them one day soon. I am stuck in the "in between phase" and now pretty much NONE of my clothes fit me.

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On Serena Williams, Equality, and Her ‘Porn Shoot’ Sports Illustrated Feature

Writer claims that "By baring all, Serena reinforces sexist view that what women look like is more important than their achievements." I couldn't disagree more.

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Q&A Wednesday: Exercise and Weight Loss Post C-Section

Q: I just had a baby by emergency C- Section. I was told by the doctors no lifting and I can only do limited cardio. What u would suggest I do?

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The Beauty Shop: There’s Still Bias Against Natural Hair

Natural hair still faces opposition in the workplace, but what does that mean for black women?

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Q&A Wednesday: Help, I’m Losing Weight but My Booty is Shrinking!

Q: Erika, I finally figured this weight loss thing out. I'm eating clean, I'm working out, but my booty is going away!!! Nooooo!

The Funny Thing About Pepsi Zero Sugar and Other ‘Sugar-Free’ Diet Drinks

Whenever you hear people talking about Pepsi Zero Sugar, remember: Just. Say. No. Here's why.

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Your Body is Political….So Act Like It

Someone told me I shouldn't talk politics because not all of my readers agree with me. This is my response.

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5 Tips to Help You Avoid the ‘Trump 20’

I'm calling this the "Trump 20." As in, The Freshman 15? This is the 20lbs you gain from eating your "I'm watching the news and OH MY GOD THIS IS THE NEW AMERICAN KLEPTOCRACY" feelings. The Trump 20. I'm callin' it now.

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Q&A Wednesday: Troubleshooting Common Weight Loss Hurdles

Q: erika i've been trying to lose this weight for so long that i'm starting to think it's a part of me i'm just going to have to live with. i feel like i'm doing everything wrong and i barely know my up from down in calories anymore. please help me figure this out!!!!!!!!!!

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True or False: All Calories are Equal, No Matter the Source

“All foods supply calories and there is no difference between the calories that come from sugar or steak or grapefruit or ice cream.”

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Q&A Wednesday: My Knees Hurt When I Work Out!

Q: Hello Erika, How are you? I respect you for giving out the information that you have for us women. I just had a few questions for you. Every year I say I am going to eat right and lose weight and I don't. I have gained so much weight through the years that now every time I do get on the treadmill my knees hurt. They hurt so bad that when I lay down at night they throb inside. I know it has to do with the excess weight I have gained in my legs and around my knees. What kind of exercise do you suggest for this and did you go through this also?

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Q&A Wednesday: How to Help Sagging Arms

Q: I'm rather unsure of how to go about some target areas like these sagging arms. How I can go about resolving those problem areas?

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