Q&A Wednesday: My Knees Hurt When I Work Out!

Q: Hello Erika, How are you? I respect you for giving out the information that you have for us women. I just had a few questions for you. Every year I say I am going to eat right and lose weight and I don't. I have gained so much weight through the years that now every time I do get on the treadmill my knees hurt. They hurt so bad that when I lay down at night they throb inside. I know it has to do with the excess weight I have gained in my legs and around my knees. What kind of exercise do you suggest for this and did you go through this also?

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Q&A Wednesday: How to Help Sagging Arms

Q: I'm rather unsure of how to go about some target areas like these sagging arms. How I can go about resolving those problem areas?

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Sleep & Weight Loss: How Sugar Is Screwing With Your Sleep Habits

That nasty sugar habit? It's messing up your sleep, and keeping you in a cycle of restless sleep, sugary treats, and weight gain. Break the cycle now.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Us What Healthy Body Image Looks Like

'My weight fluctuates a lot and I move with it. It is what it is. That’s why I try not to have a relationship with the size that I am.'

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Q&A Wednesday: How Do I Stop Saying Negative Things to Myself?

Q: Erika, you said something about having an internal tape that plays negative thoughts over and over in your head...

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How Playing in Your Makeup Can Help You Leave the Self-Hatred Behind

So many women say, "I hate looking in the mirror," "looking in the mirror makes me want to cry." You'd be surprised how easy it is to change that.

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Should You Drink Coffee For a Pre-Workout Energy Boost?

Sure, coffee can give you a nice burst of energy leading into your workouts, but are there any side-effects you should be worried about? Yes.

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Time to #BreakUpWithSalt!

Here are four quick and easy tips to help you kick salt to the curb, brought to you by A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss and the American Heart Association!

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Q&A Wednesday: Why Keep Doing It If I Can’t See My Progress?

Q: I can tell it's working because I feel active....but how long does it take to start actually seeing a difference? I'm not seeing anything!

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A Few Words on Self-Love, Self-Care, and Fitness

It's not that people don't 'love themselves enough' to work out—we just don't all define "loving ourselves" in ways that include 'working out.'

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“You’ve Changed a Lot Since You Lost Weight”

"You know, you've changed a lot since you've lost weight." It was always—always—said scornfully. It was supposed to signal to me that I was different now, and the difference was not welcome.

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Q&A Wednesday: The Older I Get, the Less Motivated I Am!

Q: After hitting age 38 everything did not work the same as it did. So now my motivation is not as strong. YES...I want to lose weight but my motivation SUCKS!!!

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Chub Rub: The Best Ways to Stop Chafing and Exercise Comfortably

It's bound to happen, sooner or later—chub rub, more 'officially' known as chafing, rears its ugly head and causes rash, irritation, or otherwise uncomfortable dry patches of skin in places it just doesn't belong.

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The Truth About Using Exercise as a Tool Against Depression

One of the frustrating things that I've learned in reading about depression is that people rely heavily on the idea that you should just be able to work out, and boom—problem solved. And this is sort of true. Sort of.

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How to Care for Yourself While Being a Caregiver for Others #RealTalkAboutCare #ad

Are you a caregiver to a loved one? Me too, friend. Here are a few things I do to make sure I care for myself while also caring for my family.

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True or False: Watermelon is ‘Just Empty Calories’

I see many, many, many fitness 'enthusiasts' who advise against eating foods like watermelon because it's just empty calories. Is this true?

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The Case for Sustainability: The Environment and the Economy, Part 1

If the entirety of the system, as it stands, relies solely on paying disenfranchised populations as little as possible, is this sustainable? More importantly, what kind of precedent does this set?

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Q&A Wednesday: What Do I Do the Day After a Sugar Binge?

Q: Erika, I screwed up. I had a stressful week, and this weekend I went on a sugar bender! And when I woke up, I realized I'd put on 3 whole pounds! WTF?? I'm so ashamed of myself and I want to get back on track right away. Do you have any advice to help me undo this mess I've done?

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Review: ButcherBox Brings Grass-Fed Organic Meat to Your Door

A review of the ButcherBox, a subscription service that delivers organic, grass-fed, hormone-free meat to your door on a regular schedule.

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Q&A Wednesday: How Do I Know What Diet Advice To Follow?

Q: I feel so overwhelmed by everybody's advice that I'm like UGH!! So my first question is: How do I know which way is up?

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