I literally cursed – loudly – when I saw this fly across my screen.

Aye. Get your people:

Video vixen/booty model Pebbelz (who apparently appeared in videos for Cam’Ron and other rappers) has been arrested.  And it’s all thanks to a Mississippi woman dying after having concrete injected into her ass.   We never heard of her before this foolishness either, but it’s worth the read.  Check it under the cut… {NSFW}

Video chick and Uncut DVDs performer Pebbelz went from this:


…to this:


And for years she didn’t own up to having ass injections.  But now, the concrete has hit the fan as 39-year-old Pebbelz was arrested, along with another woman, for being a fugitive from justice in relation to the homicide.

ABC News 24 in Memphis, where Pebbelz (real name Natasha Stewart) is from, reports that the two ladies were avoiding questioning from the police after a Mississippi woman died from having concrete injected into her ass.

Natasha Stewart, 39, was wanted for questioning by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department for the death of a woman in Jackson, Mississippi who was injected with concrete in her buttocks. Stewart was arrested on Thursday, January 3, and charged with Fugitive from Justice Warrant for Homicide.

SCSO Fugitive Apprehension officers also arrested 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry on Jan. 3. Newberry, on the run since August 2012, was wanted for Aggravated Assault Failure to Appear on a Felony Case, Bodily Harm and Criminal Forfeiture.

So Pebelz and another chick were running from 5-0 because they didn’t want to say what they knew about these concrete ass injections being given out?

Well, we came across this video interview of Pebblez from a little while ago where she says she is a true hustler who gets her money 100 ways.  Is one of those ways tricking women into thinking they’re getting real butt injections?  Hmm. [source]

I have to tell you… usually, I try not to judge when I write these kinds of things because I just wanna understand, you know? I’m trying to understand the environment that compels women to choose to inject a foreign substance in their body – one that they often cannot identify on their own, and sometimes never even think about asking – so that their ass can be larger. Larger. Who, or what, is that for?

I’m still trying really hard to not judge.

But then, I saw this video.

Pebbelz is King/Smooth/XXL/Booty mag alumni, right? She lied, for years, about having injections… was still appearing in these magazines, with her injections;

was still convincing men that this was somehow attractive and ideal, with her injections;

was still making women feel bad about themselves, inadvertently, though it may be… with her injections;

was still out here convincing women – with her 100 ways to get paid, and I’m fairly certain that at least 20 of those weren’t platonic – that they needed to have these injections to be of worth or even of remote value… with her injections.

Listen. None of this stuff ever happens in a vacuum. Ever. She probably got injections years ago, jumped on the scene, figured out how it was done – smart, I won’t lie – got a partner so they could perform injections on each other, and then started using Pebbelz’ clout (?!) and success (?!) as a model (though, seeing as how she clearly “uses what she’s got to get what she wants” in more ways than one) to convince other women to get it done. Many, many, many, many women are out here getting swindled. Not because they simply genuinely want booty implants, but because they feel that getting a bigger booty is going to help them get a man/succeed in life/be the first woman on Jupiter.

Or something.

Ladies, please don’t look to women like this. I’m not going to shade her for potentially being a sex worker, for being a booty mag model, or for being any other number of things she could or could not be. I am, however, going to use this as a way to politely remind y’all that this is why it’s so hard to look to these models and their photos as some kind of inspiration. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Especially since, if even models are out here performing these injections, they’re probably far more prevalent than we think they are.

And, while many would say that if you couldn’t tell that she’d had implants, I’d remind you that it doesn’t always go that deep. Hell, I couldn’t tell the difference until recently.

Lastly… this young woman died from having concrete injected into her. Died. I know I have a pretty vast readership,so I’m just gonna appeal to you like this: save your pennies and go to a good doctor if this is what you’re so desperately after. Don’t do it the back alley way. And, if you have done it the back alley way… please go to a doctor and get yourself checked out. The only time you can find out if what’s in you will kill you… is when it’s too late. Seriously.

Hey, girl… hey. I love you. Go get that sh-t checked out.

Wooooo, I am overwhelmed. Someone hug me. Or help me. Hell, both.