Every once in a while, I get someone asking me about apple cider vinegar… and I thought I’d share this as a little bit of a primer:

I did want to make sure the “weight loss” and “detox” component of this infographic was clear, though, because the last thing I want to perpetuate is people running out there drinking whole glasses of apple cider vinegar or something, thinking it’s the next master cleanse. Don’t do it to yourself.

Apple cider vinegar, when ingested orally, can help neutralize any acidity in one’s diet. Look at it this way – the body has a pH balance, and the “healthy” range is somewhere in the middle, with “too alkaline” falling on one side, and “too acidic” falling on the other. Some foods contribute to excessive acidity in the body, which is harmful to the internal organs. Because your body already knows how harmful the acid build-up can be, it intentionally builds up fat to protect the organs. Eating (and drinking, as it were) things that reduce acidity in the body can help in the reduction of fat as well as making it safe for the body to no longer produce fat for that purpose… hence the detoxing (also with the candida which, when becomes excessive, results in yeast infections) and weight loss. Excessively acidic diets are big big big contributors to that belly fat that people are constantly fussing about and, while you should just drop most of the acidic sources (like processed food), adding alkalinity can help with that.

Apple cider vinegar isn’t the only thing that does this, though – many veggies, namely leafy greens, are great sources for this – but it is another way to get to the same goal. I keep a bottle on deck for my hair, but I’m good for pouring some across my salads.

How are you using your apple cider vinegar?