T.R. said:

BTW been using your first plan this week. And yes I’ve lost weight but won’t dwell on that. :O) The real coup for me is that I read your recipes and thought, “I don’t do this in my food or that”and “I won’t like that and I’ll modify”…blah blah blah. :O) But last week I decided I’ll just do your recipes as is and low and behold have loved everything so far. My favorite so far is the Rosemary Chicken and the subsequent chicken salad… both were delicious and “I don’t even like fruit” in my chicken salad…LOL. Tonight is the chicken wings and I even went out and got pork chops, which I haven’t eaten in YEARS. So thank you. I stepped out and tried something different and realized I really liked it. The Rosemary Chicken and chicken salad are staying in my arsenal. Next week I’ll do the vegetarian menu.

On the FB page, Latasha said,

Been following the food plan since Wed and I have lost 4lbs as of this morning! I haven’t been hungry at all!! In fact, I thought I was eating too much. I am loving this!

Sheena said:
Started @bgg2wl’s meal plan last week… Lost 9lbs. #happybathroomdance
Toya said:

yummy recipes. the roasted chicken was so simple, but absolutely delicious, and the chicken salad…perfection!

Chastity said,

A friend bought the plan for me to try as I prepare for my wedding & as I am trying to be healthier.  I am already down 3 pounds (I started Monday).  All the recipes, so far, are ridiculously good! And you have taken all the work out of shopping and preparing dinner.  I LOVE IT!  I a fa(t)shion blogger, but I do and always have known the importance of being healthy.  I def. will be purchasing next week’s meal plan!  Thanks for putting this out there!

…what will YOU say? Check out the vegetarian plan or the original plan today!