So….. guess who had the distinct honor of chatting on NPR on today’s episode of Tell Me More with Michel Martin?


Today, I was able to discuss with Michel and two other women – Arecely Panameno and Aviva Goldfarb, author of the book The Six O’Clock Scramble: Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Dinner Recipes for Busy Families – the topic of ways to make healthier eating easier and less expensive.

Since this is something that we here take seriously – y’all know how I am about my anti-processed foods spiel – I considered it a serious honor to be able to represent our little community here and share what we’ve all learned here with Michel’s audience.

If you’d like to hear the interview, click here to visit the NPR page for the segment. It’ll take you to a player that’ll give you the appropriate options.

Thank you, team BGG2WL, for spreading the word about what we’re promoting here and for allowing me to represent you! It is an honor I look forward to every day!