Sponsored Post: When Fiber Wreaks Havoc On Your Insides…

Sponsored Post: When Fiber Wreaks Havoc On Your Insides…

I’m gonna tell you a little story (with permission.)

In a consultation with one of my favorite clients, we discussed a few things she could change in her current diet to start helping her get towards her goals… and one of the tips was to swap out her regular pasta with whole grain.

She’s a pasta lover, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but her particular pasta dish of choice is usually macaroni and cheese. We had to switch it up.

“Try using a whole wheat pasta, instead – there’s more fiber in it, which will help you in the belly area, and there’s protein in it, so you’ll fill up faster and on fewer calories, and it’ll help you heal after our workouts.” She winced, but she agreed. I gave her one of my favorite simple recipes for whole wheat pasta, and told her to keep me posted on how it went.

The next day, I received a series of frantic text messages from her, during the middle of her work day.

“Erikaaaaa OMGGGGG why didn’t you tell me about the GASSSS????”

“I’m scared to go to my office meeting! I can’t be farting up a storm in the office!!!”

Last night’s dinner pasta turned into today’s (and tomorrow’s) lunch

“Erikaaaaaaa This is crazy! I’m going to have to spend the entire day outside if this keeps up!”

One of the most commonly reported complaints that people have when it comes to switching over to a healthier lifestyle, is an increase in gas, indigestion, and what can easily be mistaken for an upset stomach. In reality…it’s a bit of a jostling of the stuff that cakes onto your digestive tract when you eat a diet low in fiber.

When we consume certain kinds of foods – dairy, specifically – and fail to eat much of the good stuff – water and fresh produce, specifically – it leaves a coating on the insides of your digestive system that traps many of the nutrients we need and prevents them from being absorbed properly. A diet low in water and fresh produce, at a minimum, would at least present with a terribly backed up digestive system. Once you finally load that up with water and even the slightest bit of fiber…it’s like a geyser… except… without water. Just air.

Lots of air.

Okay, maybe that was just me.

That early indigestion is rough for everybody in the beginning. I was only lucky that I didn’t have an office to go to in the early months, otherwise I would’ve been having “outside office hours,” myself. Nothing was off-limits for me, but I definitely grew to expect a little regular discomfort. I didn’t know then what I know now.

My client was worried – her lunch was more of the same gas-inducing-yet-incredibly-delicious-pasta she’d had the night before, but she feared another bout with her tummy.

“Wait a minute – do you have a pharmacy nearby? Maybe try some Beano?”

“Ooh! I’m on it!”

I actually had to call her hours later to get a follow up, but she was relieved. Not only was she finally becoming regular and feeling more full after each meal, but she was getting a bit of a handle on the indigestion. Luckily for the both of us, it’s holding her over in these I can’t say she would’ve been willing to keep at it if she hadn’t gotten through that initial at-work indigestion, and I’m glad she had Beano to help her do it.

This is why I decided to take the Beano Dairy Defense Challenge – my client seemed to really appreciate the fact that Beano helped her survive the rest of her work day with the lunch she’d brought, and I wondered – could it work for other similarly-situated clients, too? So many people cringe at the thought of giving up dairy, regardless of how it makes them feel, and I constantly have to walk them through the combination of dairy and the additional jostling around that comes with cleaning up your diet. But most importantly, I want to see if it works, how it works, and how it makes them feel. Could this be a regular part of my recommendations for my clients? To be continued…..

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