, Do We Love It?, Fashionably FitSponsored: Fall for Fitness with Art of Athletics and Support Global Mamas!

Sponsored: Fall for Fitness with Art of Athletics and Support Global Mamas!

When I first heard about Art of Athletics, I really loved the premise – the idea that all women are “a work of art,” and that “being active” should mean more than “Oh, snap — bikini season is around the corner!” really stuck out to me.

snapshot from the Art of Athletics home page

snapshot from the Art of Athletics home page

But when I heard that 5% of every Art of Athletics purchase is donated to Global Mamas, an organization that empowers women across the globe through helping them make their own money… let’s just say, you could draw little hearts around the top of my head. That’s why, when I was given the opportunity to write a sponsored post about the company and their fall initiative, I was all for it!


Of course, bikinis are fantastic, but you’ve gotta get it in when it’s chilly outside, too… and that’s why Art of Athletics is providing BGG2WL readers with a 20% discount coupon code to help you stay fashionable and fabulous while also getting more and more fit as the season passes!


Workout staples like camis and yoga pants come in bright, vibrant colors – do you see that pink against her skin?! – in stretchy, breathable fabrics for sizes ranging from small to extra large. It’s also worth noting that these pants right here… are reversible. Color blocked band on one side, all black on the inside. The moderately-fashionable-yet-extremely-cheap person inside of me cheers at the thought of getting two pairs of pants for the price of one.

Don’t act like my cheapness is new to you! My cheapness is legendary!


Get your 20% off for the remainder of October 2013 by using the code FALL4FITNESS, when you check out Art of Athletics website at AOAActiveWear.com. Hit ’em up on twitter and instagram at @AOAActiveWear, or check ’em out on Facebook!


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